About Cat Walk City

Inspired by our own furry family, cat walk city is a solution that solves multiple problems for both the owner and the animal, their neighbours and their surrounding environment.

Every cat owner wants peace of mind and a safe environment for their pets to enjoy.

Even the smallest spaces can be modified to give your cat more freedom and space.

Cat Walk City was an idea that has been developing for a few years. The principle motivation for the idea is affordable protection for cats and wildlife.

I have grown up with cats and understand their needs and requirements; I understand the responsibilities of being a member of staff and have been paid back in love for my efforts.  

Pet owners have a legal responsibility to keep their cats under control, and doing so helps protect local wildlife, the pets themselves, and relationships with their neighbours. Cats can happily live in specially built cat enclosures.

Now that cat regulations and curfews are coming into force, cat owners need affordable, secure and relocatable enclosures to give their cats/kittens a safe, fun and quality environment.

Injuries from vehicles and other animals can be prevented by the use of a properly constructed cat enclosure saving you hundreds (if not thousands) in unwanted veterinary fees. This experience can be very distressing for both the cat and owner.

Whether you require a small enclosure or are running a cattery, Cat Walk City is a great place to initiate your enquiry. Free quotes are provided in the greater Sydney metro area.


Our enclosures are designed to meet your individual needs and budget
Indoor cats can go outdoors in a protected secure environment
Protects yours & your neighbours garden
Keeps cats active, healthy & safe
Great for full-time working owners
Gives you the option of having their amentities outside of the home

I also have a photography background and can provide pet photography as a part of my services.

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